SAFIR Consulting

Safir Consulting, providing centralized co-operation with the Group.

This mutually beneficial relationship could lead to more partnerships among researchers, entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors in both countries. These partnerships would be particularly beneficial for people working in high-growth sectors, such as technology, manufacturing and agro-food. No matter how difficult the challenge or how long the process, we thoroughly examine our clients operations to enable them to archive their goals, based on our extensive experience and knowledge accumulated though serving clients operating in every industrial sector. We are experts in such broad categories as:

✓ Market and industry research/analysis;

✓ Marketing planning;

✓ Product introduction on the Russian/Middle East market;

✓ Representation of the clients’ interests abroad;

✓ Creation of bilateral business connections and direct contacts between Russian and Arab business structures;

✓ Organization of business meetings, exhibitions, conferences in Russia and the Arab countries;

✓ Organization of visits for delegations and representatives;

✓ Search for the foreign strategic investors.

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How SAFIR consulting helps


  • The Arab Gulf markets as well as Russian market are not right for everyone. Before you make a decision to invest any money, let us help you critically analyze the depth of opportunity. Once that is established, Safir Consulting will work with you to determine the softest market entry point for your company and the steps for getting started.

Demand for the product, risks associated with international business activities;

Special analytical reviews and studies;

The legal requirements to the imported/exported goods (certification, licensing requirement, import duties; possible barriers);

Advising clients on establishing an overseas market presence;

Supporting companies in developing overseas sales;

Assistance for a companies to identify and develop the right kind of partnerships and strategic alliances, product development, technology transfer and etc.;

Special issues related to international business activities.


  • Consulting exporters on the procedures for and requirements to Russian products existing in the foreign markets;

Obtaining and registration of the conformity certificates (declarations, testing protocols, etc.) required to launch Russian products (services) on the international markets;

Providing information on the certification bodies and testing laboratories accredited (notified) abroad, as well as the certification bodies and testing laboratories functioning as a part of international and regional certification organizations and systems.

  • facilitating compulsory and voluntary certification in international markets:

Obtaining compliance documents (certificates, testing protocols, etc.) proving the compliance of the product quality to the international standards;

Obtaining the certificates of compliance to the international management system standards;

Providing for the product sample testing in the accredited (notifies) testing laboratories (centers).


  • Development and professional representation of corporate interests of our clients.
  • Representation of the interests of companies in the Arab markets, business correspondence, organization of negotiations, pre-contract preparation, full support of the contract, negotiation of the contract with other side.

export activity arrangement assistance, assistance in export-related procedures, contract follow-up (post-contract servicing).


  • Infrastructure & Transportation
  • Security & Defensering
  • Construction, Architecture, Engineering
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Information Communication Technology
  • General Services
  • Food/Food Security
  • Automotive/Machinery
  • Clean Energy
  • Industrial Manufacturing