SAFIR Technologies

Innovation at Safir Technologies

SAFIR TECHNOLOGIES provides quality technology solutions and end-to-end services created for the healthcare, Agricultural, Energy, Oil&gas, Metal& Mining, Aviation, Chemical, Water, IT and other industries.

Safir Technologies offers only NEW solutions based on advanced applied development – INNOVATIONS of products and services, which in today’s market conditions, determine leadership.

To put it simply, Safir Technologies aims to partner with the world’s most innovative minds– from individual inventors and small businesses, to large companies– to deliver on the company’s most challenging opportunities.

Safir Technologies helps engage with innovators and patent-holders to meet needs across the business: for products, technology, in-store, ecommerce and the supply chain.

How Does it Work?

Safir Technologies partners with external resources to drive discontinuous, sustainable innovation and productivity.

We have a global team dedicated to searching for innovations, working with prospective partners and shepherding breakthrough innovations through the company and into market.

If you have an innovation that can improve the lives of our customers, you could be our next partner.

Almost every day there are a lot of reports about new innovative projects in different fields of production, the increasing of using high technologies, the expansion of the training of class specialists and the exchange of experience in different spheres.

From our own historical practice, we know that international economic cooperation can be built in different ways. It can bring benefits to partners in private transactions and contribute an entire production to a new scientific and technological level, to increase the labor productivity, production efficiency and higher product quality when is built on innovation, modern high technologies.

At Safir Technologies, we value partner relationships.

We enable potential business partners to submit innovations for consideration by Safir technologies. Below you can send an application via the Internet.