Welcome to Russia

The company Safir Tour Is the Russian tour operator, created especially for the organization of Halal exclusive tours in Russia and CIS.

Safir Tour is a tour company based in Moscow and dedicated to offering wonderful halal holiday memories for people across the globe.

The secret behind creation is concealed in each creation. And it is our duty as human being to tread this wonderful world to bear witness to the sheer artistry of the creator to get closer to him.

Our selection of halal holidays and Muslim tours offer the opportunity to explore the Russia’s most fascinating destinations, from Moscow region to Arctic, safe in the knowledge that your halal arrangements are taken care of for you. Make your next halal trip one to remember.

Safir Tour is one of the few travel agents in Russia offering inbound halal tourism. With our trained Muslim staffs, we specialize in hosting Muslim travelers by planning their trips and arranging their tours to Russia. We understand the concern of Muslim travelers regarding halal food, praying facilities and all other aspects that fulfill our religious belief. Also you will enjoy visiting the mosques in Russia.

As we are the leading company in organizing all type of tours and visits, we can provide tours to guests who are interested in the russian market. We arrange visits according to client’s needs. If you wish to learn about Russian companies please kindly inform us and we will make appointments and plan the visit for you.

Our company’s objective is to ensure high quality holidays and visits by providing halal accommodations and Muslim hospitalities to our fellow Muslim travelers. If you think of traveling to Japan please contact Russian’s number one Halal tourism agency Safir Tour. We are more than happy to assist your visit to Russia!

Our Muslim tours are ideal if you’re looking to travel in a small group. Get to know new like-minded friends as we explore fantastic destination.

We invite you to an exciting journey in Russia and CIS countries and we are sure that you will get an unforgettable experience!

We look forward to welcoming you on holiday with Safir Tour!