Hunting & Fishing

Dear hunters, Safir Tour welcomes you!

Hunting tours offered to you in our company are worked out and arranged in Russia and CIS.

Hunting has held a place of honor in the Russian history and culture for hundreds of years. The country has supplied much of the world with furs and venison was a staple in the diet of many Russians even in Communist times. Today the well-managed wildlife populations provide a high quality hunting experience for visiting sportsmen from around the world and the vastly improved political climate encourages visitors to come to Russia for great outdoor adventures.

This vast country encompasses a great variety of habitats, from sub-arctic tundra and coastal floodplain in the north, transitioning into seemingly endless boreal forests. In the more temperate central latitudes there are thousands of miles of mixed evergreen and deciduous forest, mixed with agriculturally developed lands. In the south rich grasslands surround the mighty Volga River, Europe’s longest river. South of the mouth of the Volga stretches the open steppe of the Kalmyk Republic, which ends abruptly in the rugged Caucasus Mountains in Dagestan and Chechnya. This varied landscape is home to many species, some of which are unique.

Our Russian staff is the most experienced, practiced and competent group of hunting travel professionals every put together in Russia.



The Far East holds Russia’s greatest wealth in big game species. This vast, remote, virtually unsettled land, including the provinces of Khabarovsk, Magadan, Chukotka and Kamchatka, as well as Sakhalin Island, are home to three types of brown bears, two species of moose and four subspecies of snow sheep, not to mention caribou, wolf, wolverine, walrus and small game. Distances are great and travel difficult, but for the adventurous hunter the rewards are without compare.

Species List:

Okhotsk Snow Sheep

Yakutsk Snow Sheep

Kolyma Snow Sheep


Asian Lynx

Gray Wolf

Dybowski Sika Deer

Chinese Roe Deer

Siberian Musk Deer

Asian Reindeer

Kamchatka Bighorn Sheep

Koryak Snow Sheep

Chukotka Snow Sheep

Kamchatka Brown Bear

Siberian Brown Bear

Amur Brown Bear

Asian Black Bear

Chukotka Moose

Amur Moose

Manchurian Wapiti



Stretching more than 2,000 miles from the Ural Mountains, which mark in boundary of European Russia in the West, to the shores of the Sea of Okhotsk in the Far East, Siberia is a huge, thinly populated region with several distinct ecosystems and almost incalculable wildlife resources.

Species List:

Asian Lynx


Special Permit Species

Putorana Snow Sheep

Altai Wapiti

Yakutia Snow Sheep

Yakutia Moose

Asian Reindeer

Gray Wolf

Siberian Brown Bear

Siberian Roe Deer

Siberian Musk Deer

European Moose

Yakutia Moose

Marco Polo hunting. Places: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.

Urial hunting. Place: Tajikistan.

Siberian roe deer hunting. Places: Chita, Gorny Altai, Kurgan, Irkutsk.

Linx hunting with dogs. Place: Kirov area.

Wolf hunting. Place: Siberia, Central Russia.

Hure and fox hunting with dogs. Place: Central Russia.

Geese and ducks hunting. Different places of Russia.

Quail hunting. Stavropol area. The best place!!!

Woodcock hunting. Place: Stavropol area.

Capercaillie and black cock hunting. Place: Center of Russia, Karelia.

Taimen fishing in Siberia, Yakutia, Tuva, Sakhalin, Krasnoyarsk area.

Giant bear hunting. Place: Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Magadan area.

Giant elk hunting. Place: Chukotka, Yakutia, Magadan area.

Brown bear hunting. Place: Siberia, Central Russia.

Elk hunting. Place: Siberia, Central Russia, Karelia, Khabarovsk area.

Maral hunting. Place: Gorny Altay, Tuva, Khakasia.

Izubr hunting. Place: Irkutsk and Chita area.

Red Stag hunting. Place: North Ossetia.

Dagestan tur hunting. Place: North Ossetia.

Chamois hunting. Dagestan tur hunting. Place: North Ossetia.

Himalaya bear hunting. Place: Khabarovsk area.

Snow sheep hunting. Places: Kamchatka, Yakutia.

Ibex hunting. Places: Gorny Altai, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan.

Upland Bird Hunts

Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) by, 530-934-3873,

Russia and surrounding counties offer huge variety of hunts for native, wild upland game birds. There are several truly world class destinations to consider. Depending on the area and the time of the year, hunts are offered either as mixed bag hunts, or as single species hunts.

European North: capercaillie, black grouse, hazel grouse, wood pigeons, snipes, sandpipers, curlew, whimbrel, ptarmigan and woodcock.

Caucasus mountains: red legged partridge (stone partridge), grey partridge, pheasant, quail, woodcock and wood pigeons.

Central Asia: black grouse, red legged partridge, pheasant.

Siberia and Mongolia: capercaillie, black grouse, grey partridge, Siberian spruce grouse.


Atlantic Salmon Fishing Adventure in Belousikha River on Kola Peninsula


Coppi river begins in the south-eastern slope of Jacobi Jani Mount (1681 m). Jacobi Jani Mount one of the peaks of the Sikhote-Alin Mountains.  Coppi river flows in the north-east and east, and empties into the Andrew Bay of Tatar Strait. The length of the river is 217 kilometers. The depth is about 1.5 — 2 meters in the upper and middle parts of the river. The depth increases to 5-15 m in the lower part of the river.  The last 4 miles of the river is depends by marine tidal currents. This is a beautiful river. This river is one of the few that still remained decent populations of sea Taimen fish.

Fishing area: Coppi river is situated 700 km from Khabarovsk area in Sovgavan place.

Season: the end of May — October.

Fish: Sakhalin Taimen ,  Dolly Varden, Whitespotted Char, Big Amur Grayling, Rudd, Cherry.

About rules of migrations and carrying personal weapon to Russia for foreigners

To arrive in Russia foreigners need an invitation from tourist company and a visa from Russian Consulate. To prepare an invitation a tourist company in Russia needs to get from you your passport data: First, second names and patronymic, data of birth, citizenship, place of living, number and date of action of your passport.

To carry your weapon into Russia we need to know its brand, caliber and number of barrel and number of butt if they are different, copy of the document proving belonging of your weapon.

Unfortunately, officials in Russian Federation are especially strict and partial to carrying weapon by foreigners at present and carrying weapon to some hunting zones is impossible, but to some it is too expensive is impossible, but to some it is too expensive. In price-lists of the offered tours, service on preparation documents to carry in /out weapon is not included. It can be from 100 to 300 € from the hunter carrying weapon. Professional hunters in hunting farms now have foreign weapon of high quality. Time to prepare documents 35—50 days.

Some rules to export trophy

To export trophy from Russia foreign hunters, first of all, before going to Russia must take care about rules of import to their country those species they are going to hunt on and to send these rules in writing. In € Union at present there is common from of veterinary demands, you can see it lower in English-Russia version, but it’s better to look through it and consult with your agency of veterinary control.

Species liable to special control in organization CITES: bear, wolf, and lynx. For these species you need to get CITES, as a rule, after the fact of shooting the animal. This permission is given only in Moscow, it is normal and time of its preparation, unfortunately, is 40—60 days.

Russian hunting with greyhounds

Feel yourself on the hunt in the 18th century! Imperial hunting with greyhounds. Beautiful dressed women on powerful horses, strictly dressed man, russian greyhounds, famous frost and hot tea! Place of hunting. Ryazan region, 170 km from Moscow. Wonderful picturesque places near Oka river.

Costume hunting with hounds.


Horseback Riding Tours

All trips begin with introduction lessons in riding and caring for the horses, which are selected and trained for this kind of work. These tours do not require previous experience with handling horses. Tours are offered in different parts of the country. In some places, tours cross the boundaries of the national parks. There are many destinations to choose from: Altai Ural and Caucus Mountains, Lake Baikal, Kamchatka Peninsula, Republics of Khakassia, Bashkiria and Udmurtia, or the central parts of European Russia, among others. Horseback riding trips will take you along the beds of the most spectacular rivers, around world-renowned lakes, over broad mountains ranges with breath-taking views, across dense forests, and alpine meadows. More adventuresome trips combine horseback riding with rafting.

Jeep tour “Around Seliger Lake”

Would you like to feel real Russian adventure? Do you want to spend a week in the forest on the charged off-road tracks? Complex challenges, wild off-road jeeps, real Russian spirit! A weekly jeep tour around Lake Seliger close to Moscow on off-road vehicles. Visit the rare sights, exciting obstacles and 1,500 kilometers through forests, swamps and steppes of Russia!

Jeep tour is one of the most interesting active tours! Try your driver experience and conquer wild forests of Russia in your private jeep tour in Russia.


Snowmobile Safari in Altai

Snowmobile Safari in Altai Mountains!

Try yourself as a pioneer discovering endless expanses of South Siberia! Feel fresh air and admire the beauty of untouched nature!

Only here you will be able to feel the harsh and beautiful Altai highlands winter version. Snow-covered highest peaks, ice-bound rivers and waterfalls, ringing silence and intoxicating frosty air.

A unique opportunity to manage a powerful off-road equipment gives a sense of freedom of movement and confidence.

Rafting in Altai Mountains

Rafting in Altai Mountains on the Middle Katun is a tour for a strong spirit, ambitious people who love adventure, rafting, hiking and mountain rivers romance and desire to get an adrenaline rush in the months ahead. The length of the active part is 180 km.


Belukha mountain climbing

A paradise for those who do not enjoy a standard rest, but appreciate solitude, beauty of the wild nature, greatness of the mountains and unique experience! It is here that you can feel the true Altai Mountains, enjoy its secrets and unique colors! A real adventure in the wild, inaccessible mountains.
Studying the roots of Buddhism, the famous artist Nikolai Roerich visited these places and glorified them all over the world. Roerich believed that Belukha, like the Himalayas, has a connection with the Cosmos. You can visit the legendary mountain and feel its mystical power. Belukha and its surroundings are the Place of Force. And ascent is the path of self-determination.
Climbing the Belukha mountain is one of the new Russia tour packages that available for foreigners.  Only here you can make your trip to Russia not only extreme but also full of mystical power.  Also you can say to your friends that you’ve climbed one of the biggest mountains in the World! You’ll not find any other Russian travel agency that provide a tour like that!

Expedition to the Pole of Cold

Try yourself in a unique expedition to the Pole of Cold in the village of Oimyakon in Yakutia. It is the only place on the whole planet where the air temperature falls to -71.2 C during the winter season. You will not find other places anywhere else.

Try yourself in these extremely low temperatures, get acquainted with the culture of the peoples living here for centuries, try the local cuisine, open for the unknown Pole of Cold in Oimyakon village!

Are not you afraid? Then go ahead!


Tank rides in Russia

We offers you with a vey unique adventure that is only possible in Russia. A dream for a fan of military machines, equipments, and war history, this tour is super fun and exciting.

Visits to the museum are knowledgeable but are not as exciting as experiencing the real deal. One will not get to know the full capabilities and importance of an advance military mean machine during its service in a battlefield. This program not only allows you see these mean machines, but also touch, ride, hear, and smell it. Icing on the cake, you get to USE it by shooting from a tank gun! Our experts will keep you informed about the different models, their stealth capabilities, pros and cons and their tales from an actual battlefield. You will see the entire Soviet era collection of tanks right from First World War to present day beasts used by the Russian army.

Flights programs

  1. Fighter jet Flights (fighter jets MiG 29, SUPERSONIC-EDGE OF SPACE & AEROBATIC FLIGHT IN MiG-29, L-39 Albatross fighter jets)
  2. IL-76 MDK ZERO GRAVITY FLIGHT(gravity-free)
  3. Centrifuge Training Tour
  4. Hydro Space Training
  6. Space Simulators

Classic Russian Tours

Kamchatka VIP tour

Kamchatka VIP tour is a great chance to see unique Kamchatka and to travel comfortably at the same time! During this VIP tour you will see volcano Tolbachik, places of Tolbachik volcano eruption, “Dead forest”, bathing in hot springs, two helicopter excursions, as well as a sea cruise with access to the Pacific Ocean. Unbelievable! All in one tour!The tour starts in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Classic St. Petersburg Tours

This tour is one of the best classic St. Petersburg tours. In 5 days you will get in touch with main sightseengs, visit Hermitage museum and see Peterhof. Feel the spirit of imperial Russia!

Moscow and the Golden Ring

Would you like to see old Cathedrals, walls and beautiful houses that were build in 10-12 century? Walk through the ancient streets and feel the air of Tsar’s Russia? Golden Ring tour is exactly what you need!

Golden Ring is one of the most picturesque tourist destinations. The Golden Ring is a tourist route that goes through the ancient towns located around Moscow and forming a ring. Architecture of the cities of the Golden Ring was included in UNESCO World Heritage list.

One-day and Two-days Moscow tours

Personal tour guide with a car will show you the city’s main sights such as Red Square, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Arbat, Novodevichy Convent, Sparrow Hills, Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hil

Two-day Moscow tour will provide you an excellent opportunity to see prominent places of the ancient city – the Red Square, Vorob’evy mountains, Alexandrovsky Park, temples and museums that store the history and traditions of Russian people.